December 2017

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2017 | December

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Locations Visited in December
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Mt Pocono, PA
  • Scranton, PA
  • Port Clinton, OH
  • Grafton, OH
  • North Ridgeville, OH
  • Cleveland, OH: Greater Cleveland Aquarium / Windows on the River

Monthly overview for December 2017

Day descriptions for December 2017

An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


Wall mounting the TV at work, the first thing we watched was the Nick Offerman Yule Log. Tis the season.


Annual Home Alone viewing party with the DH. Best time of the year!


Working on React for Beginners and then Second of the Day tonight.


Making some hoodies at Sprokets this year, this it the prototype for the sizes of the logo.


Doing some re-arranging in the office, this is a $20 shelf off of Amazon. Surprisingly it isn't terrible. 


Getting ready to leave work to go home and work and make the journey to the Poconos for my moms 50th birthday.


Made it to the Poconos, got in late and waiting on everyone to get in. No snow yet.


Once everyone made it to the Airbnb, we went on a grocery store run and realized we were close to Scranton, where The Office is shot. After finding out Pour Richards was 20 minutes away, we ended up going there for dinner then went to the Steam Town Mall then came back and watched some episodes of the office with Pour Richards and the Steam Town Mall in them. Tourists. Totally worth it.


For my mom's birthday, she wanted to go to the casino and play some games. The only games I played were the penny slots and only lost $20 total. Not a complete loss, my dad was the big winner. Then we went to dinner and home for Campbells cupcakes and singing my mom happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you.


Packing up the Airbnb and getting ready to head back to Lakewood.


Going to meet Ashley's dad and hangout while he's in town for a short while.


Working, back at it.


On the boat, one of the biggest pains is getting a hook tangled up in the net. This year I got my dad a big rubber-coated net that resists fish hooks pretty good, but first I tested it out on a German Shepherd. She didn't find it as funny as I did.


First good snowfall of the year. Powdery dry snow. I need to put my winter wheels on still.


Lola's birthday today, we took her to the pet store for a new toy, treats and harness. Then we got her a plain cheeseburger from burger king. I think she liked the burger more than anything else.


My mom's real birthday, got to come to the house and spend time with her and the family. Happy real Birthday, mom!


Working on a rough outline of the video for Second of the Day.


Due to a permissions and codec issue (New apple "high-compression" HVEC video to H.264 and all of my new videos are locked  for some reason) I have to re-convert all of my footage shot on my new phone. Lesson learned.


Marathon gift wrapping night. So. Many. Presents.


Shipping out the Sprokets hoodies today. Turned out really well!


Hanging out with Lola before the crazy holidays start.


Had an idea for a new website for drone photography and cinematography so I made an Instagram for it and it's been doing pretty well so far. It's been a fun to talk to people about drones! Can't wait to beging working on this more seriously after this year comes to a close.


Ashley and I decided to open presents before any of our family stuff happened. She got me a 360 timelapse phone holder and this was my 0 effort attempt at a 360 timelapse. Not the best, but had a good time opening presents with Ashley!


Hanging out at my parents house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Story. We watched it 3 times this year. Merry Christmas!


Whole family went to Grandmas for Christmas and opened presents. Was a good time and everyone liked their gifts. Plenty of cookies and sugary treats. Merry Christmas!


It's getting to be the end of the year and I'd love to launch Second of the Day on January 1. Crunch time for video editing.


More work on Second of the Day. Added the songs to the video after making a rough cut, things slowly coming together.


Made the first pass at SOTD video today. Exporting now and have an hour to kill.


When I bought my Traeger, it didn't come with a grease bucket and I refused to pay $7 for a bucket from Traeger. Ashley knew I wanted one so she surprised me with one for Christmas.


Christmas with Ashley's dads side of the family. Great food and everyone liked their gifts! Merry Christmas everyone!


Windows on the River at the Cleveland Aquarium with Doug, Jake, Eddie and the girls. Happy New Year everyone!