November 2017

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2017 | November

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Locations Visited in November
  • Princeville, HI: Queen's Bath
  • Waimea, HI: Waimea Canyon
  • Lihue, HI: Lihue Airport
  • Toronto, CA
  • North Ridgeville, OH
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Lakewood, OH: Lakewood Dog Park
  • Grafton, OH
  • Fairview Park, OH: Aldi
  • Lakewood, OH: The Winchester
  • Wooster, OH: Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Lagrange, OH: Wilcox Tree Farm

Monthly overview for November 2017

Day descriptions for November 2017

An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


Still raining a bit, but cleared up later in the day. We hiked to Queen's Bath which was better in the rain from the violent waves coming up onto the rocks. Not the safest, but pretty cool to see. When the weather cleared up more, we went on another hike to Hideaway beach. More surfers than people on the beach.


Today was a much better view of Waimea Canyon! Clearest day we had, we went back up to the Canyon and went to Shipwreck's Beach on the way back to Princeville. Was an awesome trip that I hope everyone gets to see!


Going from Kauai, Oahu, Atlanta, Toronto, Lakewood. It's going to be an exhausting day.


After a long day of flying to who knows how many airports, we have to drive back from Toronto to Lakewood. I need my own bed!


First day back from Hawaii, grandma says she's having a taco dinner for the family. Of course Ashley and I are coming.


Coming back from vacation, we have 0 food in the house.


Reintegrating into society with coffee. 6 hour time difference takes a while to get use to.


Ashley and I taking Lola for some much needed dog park time.


Call of Duty WWII came out and I marathon leveled up to unlock the throwing knife. Tons of fun, but horrible for my SPM and K/D. Worth the fun.


We just cleaned our cars an Lola isn't allowed in the back seat, I'm playing goalie.


Sending documents to the CLEO. No, I didn't get a traffic ticket.


The boating season is over and time to store the boat. Parking it over a friend's house to store for the winter. Next season can't come soon enough.


Another day, another coffee.


I usually only play Xbox when there is a new Bethesda or Call of Duty game out. It just so happens that Call of Duty came out this month.


The power went out at work today, so I'm working from home.


Aldi trips with Ashley


There has been non stop banging and pounding at work for the past few weeks. I'm glad to see this carpet laid down.


Stranger Things 2 is awesome! Poor Will Beyers..


Took Lola for a walk and got to experience the first snow/sleet/hail of the new season all at once.


Getting things organized for this year's second of the day video.


We were going to surprise my mom with a trip to the Poconos for her 50th birthday, but my dad spilled the beans. We're still going, but the surprise is blown. Will be a fun weekend regardless.


90s PJ party  at the Winchester in Lakewood.


Thanksgiving with the family at my parents.


I bought a giant box on a really good black friday deal this year! Luckily the Dick's employees loaded it and I had a crew of friends, a brother and a father to help get it into my house.


A real christmas tree is part of what makes the holidays great. The smell of pine in the house only reenforces the spirit. We cut down our own tree today and Ashleys mom and grandpa helped us decorate.


This was technically the late night of the 25th, but Ashleys mom and grandpa helping us decorate the tree.


Setting up a motion detected set of LED strip lights was much easier than I thought it would have been. Plenty of light too.


Inside the box with the motion led strips. The LEDs are nice because they don't give off alot of heat and don't use much power.


Was able to get all of my Christmas shopping done early this year, feels good man.


Driving home on lunch to let the dog out.