April 2017

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2017 | April

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Locations Visited in April
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Cleveland, OH: Barley House
  • Cleveland, OH: The Flats East Bank
  • Fort Lee, NJ: George Washington Bridge
  • Long Island, NY
  • Long Island, NY: Port Jeff Brewing Company
  • Fire Island, NY
  • Lakewood, OH: Lakewood Park
  • Cleveland, OH: ABC the Tavern
  • Bay Village, OH: Bay Village Boat Club
  • Grafton, OH
  • Akron, OH: The University of Akron - Meyers School of Art
  • Lakewood, OH: Lakewood Dog Park

Monthly overview for April 2017

Day descriptions for April 2017

An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


I got out of work and thought, maybe I can go fly fishing tonight. The river is way too high to even get close to let alone try to catch anything. 


Ashley and I went to meet Doug, Bridget and Luke in Cleveland as long as we didn't end up going to Barley Houses. This video is from Barley House.


Working on the blog layout with Forensic Files in the background.


Another day, another workout.


Starting to get the rough layout of the site down. Used a Yeoman generator to get everything up and running quickly.


I blew out the speakers in my car a while ago and just now got around to replacing them. The factory speakers had their own harness / mount so I had to drill out the factory mount and rig up a harness, but they work.


Dinner with Ashley at coastal taco in The Flats of Cleveland.


Headed out to Long Island to visit Brad for his birthday. Going over the George Washington bridge - EZ Pass is well worth it.


Working from Brads house while I'm out here. His kitchen table is my office for the week.


Brad is showing me around Long Island - stopped for a beer at Port Jeff Brewing Company. I'd get the Nitro Porter again.


Another day working at Brad's house. Taking a day to relax and hangout.


Brad bought a Traeger on Craigslist! He got a really good deal on it - can't wait to use it. We went to the store and bought a chicken to smoke right after we picked up the grill.


The chicken is smoking. We made an overnight marinade and the tin foil bowl leaked - lesson learned, don't be shy with the aluminum foil.


Brad and his friend took me fishing for Blue Fish. Fishing in the salt water with waders is much different than fresh water - whole new set of techniques to learn.


Leaving Brads house - had a good time with him over the past week. Looking forward to hanging out again.


Taking a walk with Ashley and Lola to Lakewood Park.


Work timelapse.


Back to working on the blog. Getting the markup and styles in place.


Changing out the winter wheels to the summer wheels.


A rainy lunchbreak in Lakewood.


Late night walk with Lola.


Our friend Dre's 30th birthday party at ABC in Ohio City.


Lake Erie is pretty cold still at this time of year, my cousins were talking about how much they would give to jump in the water and swim to shore. The pot was to $50 and Ashley accepted and jumped in the water and swam to shore! Respect was earned, $50 was won. (She bought us Outback Steakhouse curbside to go.)


Watching Rick McCrank's show Abandoned on Viceland while working on the blog. The code is pretty closes to being done - now writing a few articles.


Done with work for the day.


Helping dad with the boat and getting the fish finer up and running.


A time lapse from the office on lunch.


I like going to the University of Akron's Senior Graphic Design Show - it's nice to keep up with the professors and students. Some pretty good portfolios this year.


Lola helping me get ready by leaning against me to get as much dog hair on my pants as possible.


Taking Lola to the dog park.