January 2017

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2017 | January

Name Keith Knittel
Age 28
Locations Visited in January
  • Cleveland, OH: The Flats East Bank
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Washington, DC
  • Washington, DC: Downtown
  • Boston, MA: Thirsty Scholar Pub
  • Boston, MA
  • Vermilion, OH
  • Cleveland, OH

Monthly overview for January 2017

Kicking off the new year. The first month of 2017.

Day descriptions for January 2017

An over-the-top log of each day's clip.


Bringing in the new year at East End in The Flats of Cleveland with Ashley, Doug, Bridget, Eddie, Shannon, Jake, Kenzie and Brian.


Lola loves playing with the laser pointer.


The gear I have to wear to let Lola outside. Or to just go outside for that matter.


Standing while working with my shiny new Fully/Ergo Depot Jarvis desk! Great investment so far. The top standing mat is 100% worth it.


Working at the standing desk still. I worked late last night and ended up working into the morning by accident.


Ashley is out of town and I sent her a video of Lola, this is that video.


Answered the door and was unsure of why someone was handing me a coffee. Read the note and Ashley got me Uber Eats from Washington! She thought I could use a coffee and Lola even got a dog treat!


My old id from the first community college with my Mop hair.


Going to visit Ashley in Washington. She's out there training for her new job.


While Ashley is training, I'm working from the hotel room. Worked out nice that our hours lined up.


Still working from the hotel, a nice change of scenery working in the shared hotel workspace area. Noise cancelling headphones are worth their weight in gold in these spaces though.


Ice skating with Ashley in downtown Washington DC, great location!


Packing up and heading to boston for Ashley's Dads' retirement. So long extended stay hotel room w/ kitchen area.


The bar from the opening scene of The Social Network! When Ashley and I found out we had the afternoon to visit we walked around the Harvard campus and had lunch and a beer at The Thirsty Scholar.


Ashley and her father singing Karaoke after his retirement ceremony/party. I didn't get any footage of the actual ceremony. 


The Uber ride to the Bahh-ston airport, fly back to Washington DC and drive the Jeep back to Lakewood. It's going to be a long day.


Bringing the morning joe back to the battlestation


Back to work.


We had a designer start working from home and I get an office! Excited to have some space of my own but also would like to paint it a different color. A lot of wood paneling going on right now.


The inauguration of president Donald Trump.


A luck-driven modern twist on flip cup and beer pong at the bar. 


Rifle Range with pops, shooting our freshly built 300 blackouts. Very quiet with the can and subsonic ammo.


A morning train delay on the way to work.


Leaving work for the day to go home and work on Blend Guide, and think about starting a blog for myself.


Started doing 5x5 workouts, trying to get stronger and gain muscle. It takes some serious dieting and workouts to make that happen.


Realized that all of my old skate tapes weren't backed up so I bought a Hi8 camera on eBay to playback and capture all of my old tapes to the computer.


Going to sleep, a German Shepherd who thinks she's a lap dog still.


Joes bachelor party downtown Cleveland, this was the only appropriate footage of the night. Looking down on the Public Square ice skating rink.


We have been getting lots of snow in Ohio lately. I love the snow, but it makes digging your car out to go to work a pain.


Digging my car out of the snow for the second time in two days.


I've been slacking on finishing 2015's SOTD and starting 2016's SOTD video - working on them tonight.